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Life Stories

Finding Balance

By September 1, 2015No Comments

Lakeland, Florida – Women are great jugglers. They manage to fulfill so many obligations at the same time – caring for husbands, children, and aging parents; work; volunteering – but sometimes the stress overwhelms them.

Stonecroft’s Detox – Healthy Balanced Living outreach helps women (primarily in their 30s and 40s) choose the path to a healthier life – in mind, body, and spirit. They discover more about areas such as nutrition, budgeting, exercise, and journaling. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to sign up for follow-up small groups.

Carolyn Pilgrim attended a Detox gathering last year and she’s been a part of Stonecroft ever since. She helped organize a second Detox this winter. Carolyn says, “Detox is an effective evangelism tool because we don’t bring them there to preach. We are transparent and talk about our lives. Then they see Jesus in us.”

Since Detox, Carolyn has attended every Bible study and leads a study on marriage. “We don’t try to pretend we have wonderful, happy, marriages with no problems,” she says. Instead, the women share their true-life experiences and read what God has to say in the Bible. Then they pray for each other.

“It’s amazing to watch the women come together and tell their stories,” Carolyn states. “Often, someone across the table has gone through the same thing [you have]. It’s good to see the Lord working through our lives.”

Through Detox, women learn that they don’t have to juggle their responsibilities alone – they have a Savior who loves them and friends who care about them. Carolyn says, “I haven’t gone a week without seeing someone from Stonecroft. We’re a family.”

Interested in learning more about Detox? Visit our Detox web page and talk to your Divisional Field Director about having a Detox in your area.