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Equipped to Reach Her Peers

By May 1, 2015No Comments

LAKELAND, Florida—Since she was a teenager, Taylor Rogers’ desire has been to witness to her age group about Jesus Christ. Now, thanks to Stonecroft, she has many new avenues by which to share the Gospel with her community—a college campus.

Taylor, a student at Polk State, Florida College, attended her first Stonecroft Bible Study about a year ago. After several meetings, a Stonecroft volunteer asked Rogers if she would facilitate a pilot group for a Stonecroft study designed to reach young women in their 20s.

Rogers said, “[Introducing young women to Jesus Christ has] always been on my heart. I know girls my age, and one of the questions they have is what are they going to do with their lives? Who are we going to marry? What makes us is not who we marry, or what degree we carry, but God.”

Rogers will organize a study from scratch, but already has implemented two other new Stonecroft programs to draw believers and non-believers.

The first is called Detox—Healthy Balanced Living. This one-day event features money saving household tips, body image classes, cooking classes, and more, to help women of all ages find balance in their hectic lives. The event launches follow-up Stonecroft Bible Studies. There, women learn about how Jesus Christ can transform their lives forever. Rogers co-hosted a Detox in February in Lakeland.

The second Stonecroft program, called Movies and the Meaning of Life, engages women in Gospel-sharing events and conversation through films. While discussions initially will focus on the moral issues of the film, the idea is to approach the conversations from a faith-based mindset and tell the group about Jesus.

“I believe it will be a great way to get believers and non-believers involved,” Rogers said. “It’s hard, because at this age we’re so busy. There’s school, our jobs … life is busy. The most important thing is to form relationships with these girls. Once you do it will be easier for them to commit to a group.”

Rogers’ goal is to have enough Christian friends and women who do not yet have a relationship with Christ to form a study group.

“Once I said yes to God all these exciting things started opening up,” Rogers said. “And Stonecroft gave me all the motivation I needed to step forward and do what God called me to do.

“I really feel that until women understand that their true worth comes from a relationship with God and identity in Christ they will search for other things. . . . I want to show they won’t be truly fulfilled until they know Jesus Christ and can be happy in Him.”