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I invited two young friends to attend a Detox event. The last workshop presented a healthy meal plan entitled Eat a Rainbow a Day. My friends were inspired and stopped at the grocery store on the way home so they could immediately get their families started on the plan.

A year later, one of them is still feeding her family by the Rainbow a Day plan. That workshop was so relevant to her that it changed the way she cares for her family. She is now open to other events and has become spiritually curious.

Take-away value in our features is essential to successful Women’s Connection events. The more time-worthy guests find our events, the more open their hearts are to the ultimate take-away: a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Studies show it takes many personal encounters before someone is truly open to receive Christ. That’s why our events need to be so enticing that guests cannot wait to return.

For feature ideas, notice what’s going on around us. What are the magazine cover stories? What’s the current buzz on talk shows? Look for ways to weave snippets of these topics into the event. Ask these questions at planning meetings:

  • What topics would we personally find helpful, challenging, or inspiring?
  • What’s happening in our community that we would like to know more about?
  • What trendy activities pique our interest?
  • How can we make the feature relevant to our guests? Rather than a typical Back to School feature for an over-60 crowd, put a relevant twist on it: Back to School – It’s Never too Late to Learn Something New with someone from the Continuing Education Program.

Plan an event that will so influence your guests, a year later they are still munching on rainbows.

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Janice Mayo Mathers
Stonecroft Speaker Consultant

Women’s Connection Communiqué


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