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For more information on guiding Conversations, download our “Facilitating Small Groups and Navigating Small Group Challenges” resource.

Download the sheet of picture cards mentioned on Page 5 of Whole. Each small group participant will need a set of these cards for answering the first question on that page.


All of us have been hurt by circumstances and people in our lives. We instinctively look for something or someone to fix what’s broken. But that search can leave us feeling empty, discouraged, and alone.

Whole helps us understand that God wants to heal our brokenness and shape us into the women he created us to be. He longs to give us joy, freedom, a sense of belonging, and unconditional love. Discover how those gifts can be yours – or show someone else how to receive them.

There are places in our lives where we feel like we’re not enough. We don’t have enough time, money or the kind of relationships we want. What if God spoke into these places where we long for more? Enough explores how God wants to be present and help us embrace who we are rather than what we fear we’re missing. Discover the life that is good and enough.
Known allows women to share authentic discussions about their longings and experiences with issues such as body image and rejection. As participants talk about their wants, needs, and hurts, they encounter Scripture stories about people who had similar struggles, but found love and acceptance through God’s eyes.

Are you tired? Pushed for time and pulled in every direction? Overworked or overwhelmed?

Are you longing for a deeper kind of rest?

Chances are, there are other women around you who seek a break, who badly need a breather. Enter this conversation to discover how to find rest in an overly busy world. Rest invites us to consider God’s care in the midst of our stress.


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