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Invited and Unique

God created each of us uniquely — from our backgrounds and preferences to the way we relate to others. God chose twelve very different people as His first disciples; they had different personalities, life experiences, skills, and religious background. He delights in the diversity and honors who He has created you to be.

We want to help you discover more and understand the natural ways you connect with others. You’ll also discover the areas that are least comfortable for you — possibly an opportunity for you to pray and be stretched by God in some new ways!

It’s helpful to think about your connection style in a continuum:

Expression Spectrum

You may be more comfortable at one end of this spectrum or the other — that’s OK! This includes our actions, how we talk with and listen to others, and how we share about our relationship with God.

The quiz will help you determine which of six “styles” are most natural to you.

Read each of the 36 statements listed below and record a number by each that reflects the degree to which you think that statement fits you.

5—That’s totally me | 4—Pretty much like me | 3—Somewhat like me | 2—A little like me | 1—That’s not me at all

Connection Style Quiz
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