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Blog to Share God’s Words

By July 25, 2012No Comments

Why not begin a blog to keep account of the prayers you submit before the Lord?

Lists, journals, prayer-chains, and paper and pencil all have their place in logging our supplications before God, but how about adding a new venue? Give a Prayer Blog a shot. You don’t have to start one on your own, but can experiment with blogging on an established site. For example, the Call To Me prayer blog is a great place to start. Just record your prayers, and God’s answers, in the comment section below.

A blog is a diary kept on the internet, with frequent updates, intended for public viewing.  That is the official definition. If you ask me, a blog is an opportunity to share our conversations with God, His Word, our witness, and His response to our petitions.

Sound scary?  I think of Ezra and his prayer; “My God I am too ashamed and embarrassed to lift my face to you because my sins are too many, higher than my head…” Yes, prayer is an intimate time with the Lord, but some of our prayers are worthy for display to share with others. They will connect people to Jesus Christ and the power in praying.

When I think of an ancient writer who might be an everyday blogger, the apostle Paul comes to mind.  He was not afraid to share his prayers with the public. As you read his writings, look for his public proclamations. The Old Testament is full of accounts in which God was beseeched in public, and praised in public for His answers and His goodness.

Today, our public square is the internet.

Remember His ear is open to our prayers. The more interceding the better. Give it a good try. You never know whose life your prayers might touch across this universe!