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Blockage to Prayer — Unforgiveness

By July 11, 2012No Comments

Is there unforgiveness in your heart? This could be what’s hindering your prayers. Yes, God hears your cry, but we must first go and forgive the person who may have offended us. Sometimes the person we must forgive is the person we see in the in the mirror.

When we choose not to forgive we hold on to our fleshy views and feelings. Selfishly, we want time to be angry; therefore we hold the person hostage who we believe has caused distress in our life. We find ourselves in a posture of praying with the thought which reflects, I’ll pray as long as I can pray for the Lord to teach them a lesson! Sad to say, but this is how I have thought, felt, and prayed at times.

When we are preoccupied, unforgiveness can cloud our communication with Jesus. When you experience unforgiveness it may be a good time to read Psalm 139:23: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts.”

Want freedom? Desire to have healthy conversation with God? Release the unforgiveness. Forgive. It is not worth it and it will cause great pain to you in the long run—as well as a broken relationship with Jesus. Jesus came to bring life and an abundant life—live a life free in Jesus.