We weave the Gospel through everything we do.

God uses Stonecroft Bible Studies in many lives, in many ways. Some women point to a Stonecroft Bible Study as the place they began a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some learn more about the Savior soon after they make a decision to follow Him. Some come to deepen their understanding of Scripture.

Stonecroft Bible Studies happen in homes, retirement centers, shelters, prisons, and anywhere else God’s love leads. Small groups provide trusted places where women study, discuss, laugh, cry, and pray together. Guides and participants encourage each other to naturally, yet boldly, display Jesus in their lives.

Each study includes discussion questions for riveting conversation, Scriptures to investigate, and time to pray. Small groups of women – women with faith and women without – sit side by side, discovering God. Women who know little about Scripture, or have never read the Bible for themselves, find our studies easy to use.

Whether it’s delving into a single book of the Bible or discovering what God’s Word reveals on a specific life or faith topic, each Stonecroft Bible Study includes the message of God’s love for us and how we can be reconciled with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Guide. Explore. Discuss.


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“I have been doing Stonecroft Bible studies for over thirty years so when I read the word Revised, I heard the word Change! My first reaction: “Why? I love these studies just the way they are!” Prayer, aided by curiosity, led me to order one copy along with the Abundant Life Bible for my next study. I was immediately hooked, particularly with the guide’s notes in the study book, and study questions that encourage personal reflection which when shared with others in the group bonded us in a unique way. God’s Word: never revised, never changed, but a constant in connecting women through Stonecroft Ministries.”

Patricia Van Gorder

Stonecroft Bible Studies Coordinator, Solana Beach, California

“The group of ladies I have guided in Stonecroft studies decided to try one of the new revised studies. They chose Who is the Holy Spirit? They thoroughly enjoyed the study and it created quite a bit of meaningful conversation. I believe it cleared up a few questions about the Holy Spirit. It was challenging to get through one lesson each week; all of the ladies wanted to share so there were some lessons we had to continue the following week. I praise you for all you do to witness and share about the Good News.”

Marge Greenfield

Stonecroft Bible Studies Guide, Reno, Nevada

“I highly recommend the newly revised studies. The guidebook as such is no longer used with these studies and everyone views the same material. My women are responding wonderfully to this and tracking better with the studies. I love it as a guide.”

Karen Bernhardt

District Consulting Coordinator, Vancouver, Washington


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