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Are Your Plans Up to Date?

By May 10, 2020October 4th, 2021No Comments

Stonecroft is happy to offer a practical step-by-step guide to help you leave the heart of your legacy in words to your family.

Here are some questions the guide will help you to consider:

One of the most effective ways to care for your family is with a current estate plan. Are your plans up to date?

Have there been significant life changes with your family (marriages, divorces, births, deaths, etc.) since you last updated your will or trust?

Are you certain that your assets are properly titled? Titling issues may cause your assets to be unintentionally distributed to someone else.

Will your plan cause unity or division among your heirs? What legacy will you leave for your family? For your church and the charities you support?

Having your important information organized, written down and kept in a safe place will give you comfort and peace of mind. Stonecroft’s planning guide can help.

To obtain your complimentary Stonecroft Planning Your Legacy guide, contact Whitney Putnam by emailing [email protected].

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