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See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19, NIV


I don’t always like new things.

“New” means adapting, adjusting, changing, getting used to new patterns.

Still, I love an adventure!

Faith is an adventure!

We serve a creative God.

Following Christ will take us to new places and new experiences. And we don’t have to fear because He is in control. He knows the end from the beginning, and His purposes are clear to Him. He loves to plan new adventures for His children.

He can turn a storm into a walk on water, leading to new paths and blessings we never imagined.

“It springs up!”

Don’t you love that?

It’s as if God says, “I have an idea! I will make a way! Let’s have streams in the desert! Let’s cross this wasteland–this desert–together! It will be an adventure–you’ll see. Remember, we crossed the Jordan River, and you walked on dry land as the waters parted.”

He is the creative God who made the world and everything in it.

God loves creating new things–leading us on new paths and new adventures!

We don’t want to miss it!

What an exciting time to belong to Jesus–when the world and everything in it are changing.

God is leading us on new paths. He is doing a new thing in our time and leading us in new ways.

“Now it springs up–do you not perceive it?”

And when He leads us in new paths, doing new things, others will perceive it, too.

They will watch and want to come along!

Your friends, your family, your children!

New paths are exciting! New streams in the deserts of our time will be attractive to others.

Change can be painful and stressful, but it’s also exciting and fun!

Earlier in the chapter, the writer asks them to recall when God made a way for them through the sea, parted the waters, and drowned their enemies’ army, horses, and chariots. After that, they were never seen again–” snuffed out like a wick.” He reminds them who they are, a people formed for Himself to proclaim His praise, and who He is: the One who blots out their transgressions and remembers their sins no more.

In the verse preceding, He tells them to forget the past and not yearn for what was. We are all prone to doing that, wanting things to be the way they used to be. We need to be willing to change, walk new paths, try new methods, like Zoom!

God is making way for Stonecroft to proclaim His praise in this special time.

We can follow new paths! We can learn and adapt!

We were created for Him to live lives that bring Him praise.

Faith is an adventure. It’s a walk with the living God, and He’s in the lead!

We can proclaim His praise and invite others to come along.

Because “She cannot wait!”


  • What new things can you do to help more people experience God’s love?
  • What former patterns or practices do you need to abandon or reconsider?
  • How can you promote enthusiasm and excitement, anticipating what is to come?