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Stonecroft Prays

A New Prays! Guide

By January 1, 2015No Comments

Your monthly Prays! Prayer Guide just got a makeover. Recently we polled Prays! leaders for suggestions on improving the guide and better supporting Prays! women. You asked for an easier format and less-scripted guide.

We heard you! Beginning with the January Prays! Prayer Guide, we offer you a fresh new look, with simpler, streamlined material. You will still join with the other Prays! gatherings across the nation, but the guide now allows more freedom and flexibility within the prayer time. See the January Prays! Prayer Guide here.

Watch for conference call opportunities in your division. Your Divisional Field Director will debut the guide and share advice for implementing it in your Prays! gathering.

We’ve also added a new resource—easy-to-customize Prays! invitations. With a few keystrokes, you’ll have attractive invitations with all the information you need to share. And they’re easy and economical to print.

If you have considered beginning a Prays!, the new year is a great time for a new start with a whole new guide! Visit to register.