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Paula took special steps this Easter to reach out to those around her. She decided to send 22 packages containing Easter goodies, like chocolate and a hand-written note. One of her neighbors wrote back.

“I received an Easter card back with a lovely message from a hurting mom who lost her daughter last year,” Paula said. She intends to keep in touch with her and find a way to keep caring for her.

She has also befriended many of women whom she hopes to continue to connect with and care for. Our society at large is still burdened by incredible loneliness and isolation as the pandemic continues. Paula discovered a new-found passion for reaching out to those around her through a five-week class offered by Stonecroft. The class is about intentionally seeking out relationships to love and care for those around us and share our stories of faith and hope.

Your gift today to Stonecroft helps provide not only classes like Paula’s but also the coaches and resources for those classes. Our world has been hurting for more than a year now, and Stonecroft women like Paula are not shrinking back. They are moving out in love and concern. Give today to inspire, encircle and equip more women like Paula. 

Just like that mother who was home and hurting, more people need women like Paula to come alive to see those around them and reach out.

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Give easily to Stonecroft at This is the fastest and easiest way to give. You’ll get an automatic receipt for your records. After the event today, you will be directed to a page on Stonecroft’s website with a donation form.

At your tables, you will find envelopes. The easiest option is to use a credit card.  Once you have filled out the information and inserted your gift, give it to your hostess or put it in the large envelope in the middle of the table.

Thank you for continuing the life-giving work of Stonecroft through your gift.

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