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Dear Stonecroft Sister,

Stonecroft takes the protection and proper use of your information seriously. Because of this, we are contacting you to explain a data security incident reported by one of our vendors, Blackbaud. Stonecroft and many other organizations use Blackbaud technology for certain business operations.

Based on the nature of the incident, we have every reason to believe your data has been kept safe. We are writing because we want you to be fully informed.

Here Is What Happened:
Blackbaud recently notified us of this security incident that involved a cyber-criminal removing a copy of Blackbaud’s files containing personal information. Blackbaud, together with law enforcement, successfully prevented access to their system.

The cyber-criminal did not access credit card, bank account, or social security information. However, Blackbaud found that the file removed may have contained contact information, demographic information, and a history of your relationship with Stonecroft, such as donation dates and amounts. This occurred at some point between February 7, 2020, and May 20, 2020.

Here Is What Has Been Done:
Blackbaud has already implemented changes to protect your data from any subsequent incidents. They have confirmed through testing that these changes are working. We will continue to follow up with Blackbaud regarding any updates on this situation and will contact you, should there be more information to share.

What You Can Do:
We are notifying you so that you know how your information has been safeguarded. It is always recommended individuals protect information by taking steps such as monitoring financial accounts and promptly reporting any suspicious activity.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “Blackbaud.”

Your continued trust and our continued transparency matter to our vital mission. Together, you and I share a vision to love 1 million women toward Jesus by 2025, through our faithful witness to the Gospel.

Thank you for how you join with us to create eternal impact,

Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton
President & CEO

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