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I slipped on the ice and limped back to the house in pain, convincing myself it was no big deal. After all, I’ve been through this before and know what to do. Get the ice pack out, take some Tylenol, elevate the leg, and go to bed. All good.

The next morning, I woke up and could not put pressure on my legs to stand up. It terrified me. I laid back down and immediately began to pray. I was completely vulnerable and dependent on Him at that moment. It turns out I had a knee break. And it hurt.

The other details aren’t important. What really matters is what I learned from this experience and what I’ll do next. This awful experience became a series of little victories, and I hope my story will encourage and motivate you to persevere in your time of need.

  • Call on Him. Depend on Him. My first response was to pray. I’m thankful that I know God is the source of my salvation and healing. We can call on Him for every life situation.
  • Be Still and Listen. Having to keep my leg elevated forced me to slow down. My only choice was to rest. I spent time in the Word and prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit. He had something to tell me, and I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe you’re going through a challenge like me, or maybe He simply wants you to rest. If so, make every effort not to focus on the negative aspects during this time. He is the orchestrator of our victories, and we simply need to lean into Him.
  • Do Your Part. During my quiet time, He reminded me of some life changes that I need to make. He wants me to be my best self and in my perfect place of serving Him. I need to do my part. Let’s commit to pray for each other in this area.
  • Share Your Story. Raise the Victory Banner High. There are things I learned during my quiet time that I will only share with those close to me, but there is also a part of the story to be shared with others and used as an avenue of conversation to share Jesus. His lovingkindness helped me through each day, reminding me of those two simple words.

Perhaps my knee will never be perfect, but that’s okay, because it will be a gentle reminder of the little victories I felt as I walked to the kitchen or down a stair.   

I encourage you that next time you’re faced with a challenge, fear or discouragement, to raise your Victory Banner and remember that you’re a Child of God. HE is OUR victory banner.

May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory

 and raise a victory banner in the name of our God.

May the Lord answer all your prayers

– Psalm 20:5


Discussion Questions:

  • Who or what is the source of your rest?
  • Can you think of someone who needs extra encouragement to persevere today?
  • Do you need to slow down? Is He trying to get your attention about something?
  • Is there something in your life that you know you need to change but have set it aside?
  • Do you have a personal “little victory” story to share that would bring others closer to Christ?
Dale Shelton

Dale Shelton

Ministry Support Manager

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