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Hello, everyone.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with a bunch of “life stuff” coming at you and then someone came along and turned your attitude around – just by a nice smile or conversation? That’s who I’m going to tell you about today – women who make themselves available at the right time.

As the Stonecroft volunteer set up her display table, she noticed a pregnant woman in uniform we’ll call Jada. She was drooping in a chair toward the entrance of the base dining hall. “I am exhausted,” Jada, a reserve servicewoman told the volunteer, who had begun a casual conversation with her. Not only was Jada seven months pregnant, she was also still learning to navigate a marriage that was only a year old. She worked as a probation officer, and now she was serving her reserve time after travel from another state. Even though she was carrying light work-duty that weekend, Jada was still a tightened ball of fatigue and stress and her face showed it.

The volunteer continued the light conversation. As they got to know each other, Jada started smiling. Her grin grew wider and bigger as the chitchat continued. The volunteer returned to her table to meet more women and noticed the once-tired Jada had some “pep in her step” as she interacted with others.

Stonecroft Military volunteers show loving care to military wives and servicewomen in extraordinary circumstances of life. Sometimes they crisscross the country to present programs and retreats, help with community activities, or intentionally engage women in conversation who need a listening ear.

The Stonecroft National Military Team provides training to local volunteers so they, in turn, can keep the connection going.

Stonecroft equips all types of women and provides resources to help them reach into their circle of relationships with caring hearts.

Won’t you give today so that more women can be trained and resourced? For $11.50 a month, you can send one woman. Every dollar counts to reach women where they are, as they are.

Your tax-deductible gifts can be placed in the envelopes. On the envelope flap, you have the opportunity to make a one-time gift or a monthly donation. You can make your donation by credit card, check, or cash. If using cash, please provide your information on the envelope flap. You will receive a receipt. Your table host is passing around a larger envelope to receive your envelope.

Thank you for sending women to care in big and little ways that make a difference in someone’s life.

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