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Have you ever struggled with how to respond to a “holy interruption” in your day? In this video, Stonecroft President and CEO Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton tells about a time this happened to her and shares about a new Stonecroft resource that offers a solution.

That resource is our soon-to-be-released Rally Kit, an inspiring collection of limited edition items to help you grow in your faith and respond to others with God’s love as you share Jesus with them. One item in the kit is a dual-sided book that includes devotions on one side and some of our best training articles on the other. The book features writers from throughout the history of Stonecroft.

In this video, Dr. Overton shares an excerpt from one of the book’s devotionals, written by Stonecroft founder Mrs. Helen Duff Baugh. It tells of a time Mrs. Baugh struggled – just like the rest of us – with a “holy interruption” in her day:

I will always remember the afternoon many years ago when I was sitting at my desk catching up on my correspondence. The doorbell rang and I glanced out the window to see a stranger at the door. I decided not to go to the door. I had planned to use that time for letter writing. Whatever the man was selling, I didn’t need or want.

“Then the Spirit of God spoke to my heart. ‘How did you pray this morning?’ He reminded me. ‘Could this be a person who needs to know about Me?’”

Discover how this story ends – and get more inspiration, ideas, and tools to help you share Jesus – by ordering your Rally Kit today! The kit can be yours for a minimum donation of $35. Descriptions of the other items in the kit can be found on its donation page stonecroft.org/join-the-rally.

Thank you for joining the rally!

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