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Looking to expand your reach and connect with women in your circles of influence? Do you have a passion to grow your outreach group through personal invitations? Consider
being trained as an individual or a team in The Story of Now.

The Story of Now is an incredible tool that helps you:

  • Reflect
  • Connect
  • Invite

When you reflect on how God is moving in your life and become aware of ways to connect with friends, then you can invite them to take steps toward Jesus.

“The Story of Now is my favorite material for sharing the Gospel. It has helped me learn and teach how to relate to people,” says Anittah Charles from Louisville, Kentucky. “Because I was trained with The Story of Now, it has opened up a door for me to talk about prayer with a co-worker and connect with her as she was going through health issues.”

Anittah has also trained groups with this tool. “I would only teach something that I believe in … this material is relevant, super practical, and enjoyable, it has an easy flow to teach, and is easy for people to follow.”

The Story of Now is found, along with other evangelism resources, at If you are interested in learning more about how to be trained in The Story of Now or be a trainer, please complete the form at

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