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Recruiting is more than something we do to make a group continue to move forward.

Recruiting is more than asking someone to hold a position on your team. Recruiting is more than a temporary commitment. Recruiting, or inviting, is a beautiful opportunity that we allow others to have in the vision God has given us.

We can do many things as leaders to allow those joining us on the journey to continue to grow in excitement and start helping us grow our teams!

If we aren’t careful, those we recruit may have the option of feeling used or needed only for what they can “do,” not necessarily for who they are. The entire process should be covered in prayer for those we’re engaging that they grow in the desire to reach women around them.

Here are four steps that will help you succeed at recruiting:

1. See Their Potential

Have a conversation about what you see in them before inviting them to be a part.

This is (dare I mention?) the most important step we can do. If we fail to do this and go right to recruiting for a position, chances of success in having them become a part are slim.

Look at someone face to face and say genuine words such as, “I am just so honored to know you! I can see the hand of God on your life, and the gifts that He has given to you are evident, and, wow, I have been so blessed by your life in (blank) areas!” If we start a conversation to recruit them like that, I guarantee that whoever you are speaking with will have ears wide up to hear your invitation.

2. Build Relationship

Get to know them outside of the volunteer setting you are inviting them into.

If you are recruiting volunteers for your group, I want to encourage you to take some time and get to know them outside of that space. Go have a dinner with them, take them out for a cup of coffee, go shopping with them. In doing this, you communicate that you value them outside of volunteering and you communicate that you want to be their friend! When we are able to serve with friends, it makes all the difference in how we volunteer. It turns from a “need” to a joy! During this time, listen to their passions and what makes their heart come alive!

3. Passion Meets Position

Invite them to volunteer in a position they are excited about!

When you ask someone who loves to be with people to sit behind a desk all day and not have the opportunity to talk with others, I promise you, they will want to quit. If you have the one who loves people right at the front welcoming, they will want to do it again and again because it taps into their place of passion. If you know someone well enough to tap into what brings them joy and pair that with what you are asking them to volunteer in, you have a win-win! Take the time to discover what they love and what they feel God calling them to do, and pair it the very best you can with the roles you have available!

4. Multiplication Matters

Encourage them to find someone to mentor and raise up to take their position.

If you encourage your volunteers to find someone they can reach out to and repeat these steps, you will be able to see your teams grow! Leadership is all about using what God has given you to release those around you. With this perspective, your leaders will feel empowered!



Happy recruiting!

Autumn Katz

Autumn Katz

Western Field Director

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