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[Insert your own personal story of love and food, mentioning the aroma. Example:

When you get out of the car, the aroma meets you. It’s nutmeg and cinnamon and allspice. It’s the feeling of home and childhood in one breath. When my parents lived far from me and my young family, it would bring a tear to my eye at the holidays when the scent welcomed me in.

The smell of my momma’s pie takes me back to when I could barely see over the kitchen countertop, and she’d help me roll out her from-scratch crust on the pastry cloth. It reminds of our time together, of chatting about everything and nothing.

She was the first one in my life to see me, the real me, and love me anyway.

Her pie smells a lot like love. ]

Sometimes, the recipe for love is a luncheon we invite our neighbor to attend. The recipe for love can be inspiring women in shelters through a series that teaches them their value and purpose. The recipe for love can be the note of affirmation we write to tell someone that she made us feel seen and loved.

Who has shown you the recipe for love?

For more than 80 years, Stonecroft has shared the recipe for love with thousands of women every year. In fact, once every two minutes on average, we share with a woman that she is loved more than she can imagine. This event – our Fall Fundraiser – helps us continue to love one woman at a time, where she is, as she is.

Would you help Stonecroft continue to show women they are seen and loved, and that their lives have purpose?

It takes $137 to encircle, inspire and equip a woman to reach others with love. You can join us in our mission with your financial support, whether it’s signing up to give $137 a month or a one-time gift of $137. Your donation at this event makes an impact in lives both near and far. Every dollar helps us show value to more and more women. When you give, you share a sweet aroma.

Can you smell it?  That’s the recipe of love!

Your tax-deductible gifts can be placed in the envelopes. On the envelope flap, you have the opportunity to make a one-time gift or a monthly donation. You can make your donation by credit card, check, or cash. If using cash, please provide your information on the envelope flap. You will receive a receipt. Your table host is passing around a larger envelope to receive your envelope.

Thank you for loving others.

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