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Devotion: The Power of the Spirit

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

‒ Acts 1:8, NASB

Can you imagine what it was like when these words were spoken? The promise Jesus gave that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon us! Just to think that Jesus would leave not just His mission to the disciples, but also His power.

When Jesus ascended to heaven and gave the promise of His Holy Spirit to us, I’m sure there was talk among the disciples on what this power would look like. Can you imagine with me the conversations that could have taken place? Maybe it went something like this. “If He’s not with us, He’s looking for us to do miracles? Me?! He’s thinking we will have the words to say? What are we supposed to do? He’s thinking that we will be the ones to show others His love and hope?”

The disciples didn’t know when the Holy Spirit would come, but they did know that the Spirit was promised to them. So, what did they do? They went to prayer. They had no idea how long they would pray. I’m sure they didn’t know what they were even praying for or what it meant to have the “power of the Holy Spirit” come upon them. But as they pressed in, the story unfolds.

In Acts 2:1-4 it says this: “On the day of Pentecost all the believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them.  And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.”

Wow. I would have loved to have been there that day in the upper room as men, women, and maybe even children gathered in prayer waiting for the power of the Spirit to come upon them. And as they waited, it did. The Spirit came. The promise Jesus had given them. They were not alone, and neither are you. As we press into prayer, we have the same opportunity that the disciples had in that upper room. As we press in to the heart of God for those around us, I know that God will meet us. He says that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.

You have been given power by the Holy Spirit to go and preach the Gospel to all people. You have been given a mandate by God Himself and have been promised the power of the Spirit. Power means authority, influence. God has given you this. Now, what do we need to do? Embrace it. Believe it. Walk in it. We need to understand that God has sent each of us not in our own strength, but in His strength, His power, His authority.

Our God is full of power. The darkness flees at the sound of His voice. His power spoke galaxies into existence. Today, let’s worship our God who is full of all power and authority. Today, let’s walk as daughters of the King, as the sent ones that He has called and go in His power and authority to the lost and broken around us. You have been sent! Let’s walk together in all He has called us to do, going in the power of His Spirit.

Prayer: God, will You reveal to me the power of Your spirit even more? I ask for boldness today as I press into prayer and share Your love with those around me. Will You help me to understand the greatness of Your power within me? It’s all for Your glory. Amen

Related Scriptures: Acts 2:1-4, 1 Corinthians 2:4

  1. As I press into prayer, do I believe that God has given me authority?
  2. How does this change the way that I pray?
Autumn Katz

Autumn Katz

Western Field Director

Note to Leaders*

Looking for something different for your Prayer Connection meeting? Scroll to the end of this Prayer Connection for an idea to use during June!


Eliminate Distractions

Playing quiet worship music will help set an environment for prayer.

Our focus for this month is on the Power of the Spirit.

Read: Luke 24:49

“And now I will send the Holy Spirit, just as my Father has promised. But stay here in the city until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from heaven.”

Pray: Father God, we adore You because You have not left us alone, as You have given us power through Your Spirit. Your Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. We thank You that we can look to the Spirit for power from You, God. We invite You to teach us and guide us today.

Thank God:

  • That the power of His Spirit is available to us through God.
  • For His Spirit of power that is an advocate for us.
  • That the power of His Spirit is living in me and can transform me into what He wants me to be.

Pray for Your Group’s Upcoming Outreach Event

Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:5a

“For when we brought you the Good News, it was not only with words but also with power, for the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance that what was said was true.”

Pray: Jesus, as our Planning Team prepares for our next event, we ask that You help us to remember that You brought us the gift of our salvation through the power of the Spirit. It was not something we earned. It was by the grace of God through the movement of the power of the Spirit that the Gospel made sense to us.


  • For our ability to rely on the power of the Spirit versus our own strength and talents.
  • That guests will hear and receive the message of salvation by the power of the Spirit moving in their hearts.
  • For God’s Holy Spirit power to anoint all that is said and done so that we might be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Sharing Your Faith

Read: Acts 1:8

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere – in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Pray: Oh Lord, there are so many women around this community who do not know You personally. They are like lost sheep without a shepherd. Help us to remember that You have empowered us by the power of the Holy Spirit to be a light to women in our neighborhoods who do not call on You as their Savior and Lord.

Pray for:

  • Our eyes to be open to see the lost
  • Open hearts to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to move in us
  • Open surrender to be witnesses to women who don’t have faith in Jesus

Pray for our Nation and Leaders

Read: Judges 3:10a “The Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he became Israel’s judge.”

Pray: Oh Mighty God, we approach You through the power of Your Holy Spirit on behalf of our nation. We realize that many of the nation’s leaders do not know You. We know by the escalation of evil that the day of Your coming is getting closer, so let us not become complacent but be diligent to pray for the leaders who do know You, that they might be led by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for:

  • Leaders who have the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives to know truth and courage to walk in it
  • Revival in our country
  • Protection from the evil one
  • The Church to become unified to be a witness of God’s love and salvation

Pray for the Stonecroft Family

Read: Acts 1:8b  “… And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere –in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Pray: Lord, we know that without a doubt, You birthed Stonecroft by the power of the Spirit and we rejoice that in the last nine months of 2018, 2,214 women said “yes” to Jesus Christ! We sense in our spirits that You aren’t done with us yet and that Your plans for us are for more women to come to faith in Jesus. “Rally” us, oh Lord, around Your Word and empower us by Your Spirit that we might walk in step with You, oh God, in reaching many more women with the Good News.

Pray for:

  • A renewed vision to love 1 million women to Jesus by 2025
  • God to spark revival within the ministry
  • Unity by the power of the Spirit among all women serving our Lord through Stonecroft
  • More women to say “yes” to Jesus Christ

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for the Transformation Team with Doris Thompson, Vice President of Transformation, and Sarah LeBlanc, Director of Field Ministry, as they come alongside their team members to better serve Stonecroft women across the nation.

Doris Thompson
Vice President of Transformation

Sarah LeBlanc
Director of Field Ministry

  1. Pray for the Leadership Development Team – Maddison Berciunas and Anne Schneider as they train and resource Stonecroft women in evangelistic prayer and everyday evangelism.

Maddison Berciunas
Leadership Development & Colorado Field Director

Anne Schneider
Leadership Development & Northeast Field Director

  1. Pray for Stonecroft leaders such as Stonecroft Regional Administrators, District Consulting Coordinators, Regional Speaker Trainers, Regional Reps, Area Reps, and Chairs as they rally their teams.
  2. Pray for our international partners that they might be energized by the power of the Holy Spirit and go out into the villages and remote places to prepare the way for the Good News.
  3. Pray for Friends of Stonecroft – In this month’s Friends of Stonecroft script, we learn about an After 5 group who takes its meetings to the local Lafayette, Louisiana, correctional center. They also hold a weekly Bible study in the facility. Even though this center is primarily for inmates with short-term stays, it’s not unusual for 16 women to decide to follow Christ in a meeting! Facility leadership is so impressed, they’ve asked the group to provide something similar on the men’s side of the center. The women plan and organize the men’s quarterly meeting and their husbands lead the event!

Please pray for:

  1. continued funding from community donations to provide the meals, and
  2. that released inmates will continue to contact Stonecroft women for area Bible studies and church recommendations so they can grow spiritually.

Share Personal Requests

Pray for each other and any personal requests of your group.

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for this time together. We ask You to give us Your power to show You and Your ways to others. May we feel Your Spirit empower us to share the Good News of Your Son with the hurting world around us. Amen.

*Note to Leaders

An inspiring video accessible at the link below features the story of Ludmilla, an 82-year-old widow from the Czech Republic, considered one of the most atheistic countries in Europe. Near her front door, hangs a plaque that reads, “Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven.” Watch the video below to learn how Ludmilla acts as a representative of God’s Kingdom here on earth. You will be blessed and challenged by her testimony!


If you have internet access at your Prayer Connection meeting location, consider sharing this video before the prayer time begins.

Here are some ways to view the video at your meeting:

  1. If your group includes just a few women, you could show the video on a laptop – with the volume turned up high – to women gathered around it.
  2. If you have access to a Smart TV, simply enter the video’s link on the TV’s internet browser and view it from there.

Video used by permission of Deidox Films.

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