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Seems like division and conflict are everywhere, doesn’t it? You can’t get away from it on television, social media, or even conversation. Does it make you just want to hunker down, away from everything? But is that really what God wants out of us?

The Bible tells us (a lot) that we should love our neighbors. But who, exactly, are our neighbors and how do we love them?

Jan Mathers, author of Loving Your Neighbors, will encourage us to develop a heart for our neighbors on this timely call. Praying and reaching out to them opens doors to building relationships that love them to Jesus.

In addition, guests will join Jan and facilitator Cara Day, Stonecroft Director of Marketing & Communications, to tell their experience with this Stonecroft Bible Study and how it made a difference for them.

And, those of us who join this call will be the first to hear about a special opportunity in February and March! We can make an eternal difference for those around us, just by Loving Our Neighbors.

Jan Mathers
Author, Loving Your Neighbors

Cara Day
Director of Marketing and Communications

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