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A friend recently told me the story of her Christmas sign. The message that she puts up on her house nearly every Christmas says: “Happy Birthday Jesus.” One year, she decided not to put up her sign, as she was thinking she might be sensitive to neighbors who may be offended if they don’t follow Jesus Christ.

Then one day during the holiday season, my friend came home from work to find a note on her door from one of her neighbors. The note read:

“Every year, I look forward to seeing your Christmas message: ‘Happy Birthday Jesus,’ and this year, I don’t see your sign posted. I really miss seeing your sign.” The note was signed by Amy.

After seeing this note, my friend put the sign back up, just as it was always placed on top of her house in Christmas décor. This time, though, she wrote in calligraphy and added to the message that now read: “Happy Birthday Jesus, for Amy.”

A couple weeks later, another note was placed at the door.

It said: “Dear homeowner. I was driving from the hospital in tears as my father was in the ICU, and I saw your sign on your house. I couldn’t believe my eyes because my name is Amy, and I don’t normally drive through your neighborhood as I live in another part of town. But on this night, I did pass through your street on my way home from the hospital. Your Christmas message gave me such hope during a time of crisis in my life. Thank you. Amy.”

This story got me thinking about the messages that I am sometimes afraid to put out there for all to see thinking that they may offend someone who may not have faith in Jesus Christ. Did you catch that the first neighbor named Amy in the story is a different Amy than the one coming home from an ICU hospital visit of a loved one? Yet God spoke through the Christmas sign that was personalized for Amy. When I heard this story, I thought, This could be a miracle.

One miracle is for sure – love was born on Christmas.

It’s a message that is personalized just for you, and for others, too!

Let this message shine for the world to see: “Happy Birthday, Jesus.”

Anne Schneider

Anne Schneider

Northeast Field Director/Hub Growth Director

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