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The use of our ministry giftings most often goes way beyond building our personal self-esteem or covering ourselves all with warm fuzzies. It even surpasses feelings of significance. When we dedicate our time to be part of Stonecroft’s Gospel-sharing mission, we’re fulfilling our God-given life purpose to glorify Him.

When I attended my first Christian Women’s Club outreach 30 years ago, I noticed several women busily tackling last-minute responsibilities. As I became more acquainted with Women’s Connection Groups, I realized the activity was necessary to provide outreaches where women hear the Gospel. It’s wonderful to know that Stonecroft provides many opportunities to engage in a mission that leads to transformed lives through Jesus Christ.

I recently asked Stonecroft Regional Administrators and Planning Team members on Facebook about ways new attendees at Women’s Connection events can become engaged as volunteers. They provided lots of answers! Some of their suggestions follow:

Hospitality ‒ It takes a lot of volunteers to create a welcoming space and experience for first-time and returning guests. A positive experience paves the way for the reception of the Speaker’s story and presentation of the Gospel. New volunteers can serve in hospitality roles such as greeting at the door, hosting a table, helping seat women at the event, assisting with decorations, or assembling gift packets or bags for first-time guests.

Another hospitality position is the Speaker host, a friendly volunteer who sits with the Speaker attending to her needs and walking with the Speaker as she meets the women at the event.

Reservations ‒ These volunteers help the Reservations Coordinator call or email possible attendees to invite them to the outreach event and also compile the number of attendees to give the facility for meal preparation. They can also prepare name tags for the women at the event.

Publicity ‒ Promotion of the event is important to a healthy and growing attendance. New volunteers can be encouraged to invite their peers to the event, as well as distribute invitations to women they meet in their daily routines.

Other ‒ New volunteers can serve in several more ways. Prayer is the foundation of Stonecroft. They can pray for Stonecroft events, Speakers, the Planning Team, and Stonecroft staff, and especially attendees who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Other ways to serve include taking meeting notes or helping with the room setup or takedown at events. When new people join the Women’s Connection Group, they bring a whole new circle of possible contacts with them. Urge them to submit music and feature suggestions to keep these parts of the program interesting, fresh, and relevant.

Some of the above ideas can also be applied to Stonecroft’s other outreaches.

Whatever the setting, helping participants develop into engaged volunteers grows our Groups and bring more workers for the spiritual harvest.

Robyne Baker

Robyne Baker

Freelance Copywriter

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