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As you and your Women’s Connection Planning Team think about your events, keep Stonecroft’s vision in mind. We share the Gospel with those who don’t know Christ. Consider the words you use in your invitations, the appeal of your meeting place to the nonbeliever, and select a feature that will be interesting to your friends.

Here are a few suggestions for what your feature may be:

Any type of fashion show – Get creative. How about a “princess fashion show” where girls of any age model their favorite outfit, or a prom dress fashion show in the spring? You might even consider having the girls’ dates escort them. One popular store in Nebraska brought a white button-front shirt and showed all the different ways it could be worn to create different looks.

Self-defense demonstrations – These are helpful and informative for any age.

Health tips – A retired doctor recently did a feature on how to be younger next year by following certain healthy principles.

Get packing – A demonstration of how to pack for a weeklong trip using just one suitcase.

Adult coloring – Provide markers and coloring book pages for the women to color during the special feature time. It is relaxing and a time for great conversation.

Take some time to evaluate what you currently do and give it this test. Would someone who doesn’t know Jesus be comfortable at your event and would she be interested in what you are presenting?

Features should not be promoting another nonprofit, introducing missionaries, or sharing a personal faith story, since that is the Speaker’s role.

Think about what appeals to you (i.e., interior design, recipes with three ingredients, ideas for journaling). Make a list. It’s likely that your guests will enjoy the same things you do. From this list, create features from your ideas. Your feature should provide a takeaway value that leaves them wanting more.

We’d love to hear your favorite feature! Send them to [email protected].

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