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Fall Fundraiser Season Begins

Women’s Connection Groups across the United States have recently hosted or soon will host Fall Fundraisers focused on the theme of Generous Love. These Stonecroft events held in the autumn offer great opportunities to introduce women to the Gospel, have some fun, and generate financial gifts for local Women’s Connection Groups and the overall Stonecroft ministry. For tips and resources to help you lead a Fall Fundraiser for your Group, go to stonecroft.org/resources/fall-fundraiser.



In Case You Missed It

Christmas Cookies: A Sweet Fundraiser. Members of the Ocean County (New Jersey) Women’s Connection in Tom’s River bake hundreds of cookies to prepare for their annual Christmas Cookie fundraiser. Check out this article for information on how they conduct this successful fundraiser and consider organizing a similar event for your Group. Go to: https://www.stonecroft.org/2017/10/13/christmas-cookies-sweet-fundraiser/



Every Season is in the Store!

Every Season: embracing a forever kind of purpose is now shipping from the Stonecroft store! A lot of excitement surrounds this much-anticipated Stonecroft Bible Study (SBS) by Janice Mayo Mathers, author of many of our top-selling SBS.

You or someone you know may be like many women today who face an unexpected change or a new stage of life, or who feel like they’re stuck or fading into the background. These are situations that lead to questioning the purpose of life. The study is perfect for Christians and nonbelievers to sit side-by-side in small group settings and discover your God-given purpose, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Invite your friends to join you!

Stonecroft appreciates our customers, and if you provide your email address when you place your order, we’ll send you a link to some free printables to embellish your book!



Stonecroft Welcomes Liberia as International Partner

We are pleased to welcome the west African country of Liberia as Stonecroft’s newest international partner. Liberia is home to 40 people groups, 10 percent of them unreached by the Gospel. Pray for Pastor Solomon Johnson, our new partner in Liberia, who will translate three Stonecroft Bible Studies into Kpelleh and Bassa, the languages of the two largest people groups in Liberia. Solomon will use these studies – Who is Jesus, What is God Like?, and Who is the Holy Spirit? – in his church and for outreach. Pray that God will bring many Liberians into His Kingdom through these translated materials.

Solomon and his wife also lead a ministry of caring for children abandoned by their parents. These parents left their children sick in hospitals because they were unable to pay their medical bills. Pray for the Lord’s provision for medical care, food, clothing, and shelter needed by these children. Pray for Solomon, his family, and his church as they try to meet their physical needs and share Jesus with them.



Third Hub Started in California

Stonecroft recently launched a new hub in Long Beach, California, our third hub in the state to date. The other two California hubs are in Orange County and San Diego.

“Our hearts are so filled with joy to see these women connecting with the heart of God to reach women in their cities!” says Autumn Katz, Western Divisional Field Director. “It’s with such great excitement that we welcome our newest hub – Stonecroft Long Beach!”

A Stonecroft hub is a community of women who gather for fun, relationship building, training, prayer, and planning creative and relevant ways to reach other women in their circles of influence with the Gospel. To learn more about hubs, go to stonecroft.org/hubs.


Podcast to Offer Giveaway, New Series in October

Stay connected with Stonecroft through social media and watch this week for an announcement about our latest Ears to Speak podcast giveaway. You could win the following items: a Stonecroft tote bag, an 80th anniversary notebook, a Stonecroft ink pen, and a package of premium herbal tea (wild berry flavor) from The Roasterie, a popular coffee and tea shop in the Kansas City area.

This giveaway promotes our most recent series – Her Story Matters – highlighting ordinary women whose stories have made a difference in God’s Kingdom. We posted the first three episodes in the series in late August; we will post a wrap-up episode on Oct. 12.

On Oct. 26, you can download the first three episodes in another new series focused on Christian women with powerful faith stories. You’ll hear from a survivor of sex trafficking; a woman who became a bold leader in the face of many obstacles; and a former opiate addict who found freedom in Christ while serving jail time.

Access Ears to Speak at stonecroft.org/earstospeak. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/earstospeak or Instagram at instagram.com/earstospeak.



Tell us about your Prays Walk!

Did you participate in Stonecroft’s Sept. 29 Prays Walk? If so, we want to hear how God moved as you stepped out in faith to pray for your community. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience and give us your feedback about Prays Walk. Go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/prayswalk2018.

Please respond by Monday, Oct. 8.

Now that your Prays Walk has ended, follow up with participants by starting an ongoing Prays gathering. To register and for more information, go to stonecroft.org/prays.

Thank you for showing the love and hope of Jesus by praying for your community.

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