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We have received numerous requests for learning how to resolve conflict that inevitably comes when you are working with different personality styles. We heard you! Watch the accompanying videos for our DISC Training.

DISC 101

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do or been baffled by the actions of others? If so, you are going to love this training session as you DISCover your unique design and begin to recognize that of those around you.

You will be introduced to four women who assist you in understanding yourself better and give you some insight into why others do what they do. This awareness helps us communicate and work together more effectively and to be more personally productive.

Click here to download the DISC 101 handout

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DISC 201

On the DISC 201 call, you will learn the

Strengths – how two styles can be strong when working together

Struggles – what challenges you may face in working together, and

Strategies – for how to work together more effectively

with the different personality styles that make up your Planning Team (or family or co-workers). Understanding this will help you minimize disagreements and give you a tool to resolve conflict more effectively.

Click here to download the DISC 201 Handout

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DISC 301

In this call, we DISCover the value that each different personality type brings to your team and what they need to feel successful.

Click here to download the DISC 301 Handout

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DISC 401

In this training we will DISCover the source of most misunderstandings and learn how to help minimize them.

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As you pull together all that you have learned from these calls and begin to apply it, you will find a greater appreciation for each other and make working together a more enjoyable experience!

Shirley Voorhees, Administrative Coordinator for Women’s Connection, facilitates the training. She is a Certified Senior Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, having trained hundreds in relationship and communication techniques that produce powerful results. Come prepared to laugh and learn!

Shirley Voorhees
Women’s Connection Administrative Coordinator

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