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Prayer is vital to our relationship with God and certainly plays a part in our evangelism. After all, how would we get to know God better and understand what He wants us to do if we’re not communicating with Him?

Praying Scripture is powerful because we’re praying God’s will. Through prayer, God aligns our will with His.

Consider this idea to personalize prayer with Scripture:

  • Recall someone who’s been on your mind recently – perhaps a friend who doesn’t have a relationship with Christ.
  • Research Scriptures to pray over this person. Commit to pray for her by name, daily, for 30 days.
  • When you pray, include her name with Scripture: Father, please open Mary’s heart so she
    will receive and believe the Gospel (Acts 16:14).

Need help getting started? Download Praying Scripture, from Stonecroft’s Aware study, by hovering
over the “Pray & Share” tab and clicking on “Prayer Resources” in the drop-down menu at stonecroft.org.

We should become more aware of what God is doing around and through us. Often, we pray for someone, then we get busy and fail to see what God is accomplishing in her life.

So, consider taking personalized prayer to the next level by journaling your prayers and Scriptures. Then, watch what happens in that person’s life.

How is she responding to God? How does God want to engage you personally?

And, if you are brave, when the time is right, share your journal entries with her. Perhaps you both will be blessed as you discover together how God has been working in her life and yours – through your personalized prayers.

Editor’s Note: Find out what the Bible says about praying for others. Order Loving Your Neighbors and Prayer Worth Repeating at stonecroft.org/store.

Dale Shelton

Dale Shelton

Ministry Support Manager

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