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“We can’t add to God’s glory, but we can reflect it. We can’t add to God’s glory, but we can brag about it. We can’t add to God’s glory, but our lives can point others to it.” 

– Lorraine Potter Kalal, Stonecroft President and CEO

Stonecroft women have been reflecting, bragging about, and pointing others to God’s glory for 80 years. As we host outreaches and share the Gospel with the women around us, our lives change, too.

We recently asked our women on Facebook what they want to give God glory for in connection with our ministry. The responses painted a multi-dimensional picture of the glorification of God in the past, the present, and into the future.

What God has done for us

“I give God the glory for many things. Two being: 1) His divine appointments and how He works to heal hearts; and 2) His protection as travel. I’ve seen it many times. If I didn’t have that I would stay home in fear. – Lori Boruff, Speaker

“I give God glory for transforming me from a grieving mother to a privileged parent and caregiver who sees the miracles in God’s mercy. God carried me from the dark days to see the rainbows in life.” – Joyce Yexley, Speaker

“I give God the Glory for taking me from feeling worthless to knowing without a doubt that I am perfect in His eyes. Also, for having the privilege of sharing. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.” – Marge Monahan, Speaker

“And God has changed my heart. He has grown me, molded me, stretched me, humbled me, and is making me into the woman He created me to be through my involvement with Stonecroft. To God be the glory, great things He has done!” – Donna Yecke, Planning Team member

“I want to give God all the glory for opening an opportunity for me to be used for His Kingdom purpose! ‘Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.’ (Philippians 1:6, NIV)” ­­– Amy Brown, Hub Leader

What God does through our mission

“I share my life story and experiences. I always include the Gospel. I’m thankful that Stonecroft has given me the opportunity and it’s exciting to see how God has used my story to see others come to know him as their personal Savior. What an honor.” – Nancy Williams, Speaker

“How this ministry keeps the Gospel as the main thing for all these years!” – Lori Boruff

“I want to give God the Glory for Life in Christ Jesus and the privilege of sharing it with others.” – Billie Cash, Speaker

“I give God glory for Stonecroft organizing opportunities to attract women who need salvation through Jesus Christ, and women who need encouragement in their Christian walk – and giving me the ability to be used to meet those needs.” – Sharon Bratcher, Speaker

“As Chair for 3 years and now Chair again after 5 years as Vice Chair, I have seen many lives changed through our Women’s Connection luncheons and Bible studies. I’ve learned that as much as we try, God brings the women and God changes their hearts.” – Donna Yecke

“I give God the Glory for putting the whole Stonecroft network together. I’m not a great one-on-one witness but through God’s grace He has given me the amazing opportunity to bring my story to thousands of ladies through Stonecroft. – Penny Zee, Speaker

Reflecting His glory now

“I love being in a position to encourage women that their volunteer position is important, that we are a team, and every single one of them is vital. Romans 12:5” – Judy Scharfenberg, Stonecroft Regional Administrator (SRA)

“I give the glory to Our Loving Lord that I can open my home for Bible studies. Watching His amazing grace opening up ladies’ hearts to understand His love. To see a lady with her first Bible studying His Word … I thank God every day for Stonecroft. I am honored to be His servant.” – Genelle Kora, SRA

“I praise God for the friendships, the leadership training, and the examples set before me in becoming a woman the Lord can use to reach others for Jesus. Also, the quality of the tools provided for us to use to reach women with the Gospel are fantastic.” –  Kris Driskill, SRA

“I’m so grateful for the many ways God is changing lives through our Stonecroft Bible Studies. During a current study, one of the ladies commented that she has been a longtime Christian and in church all her life, but she had never been in a Bible study. She loves being able to immediately find the verses in the Abundant Life Bible. Her eagerness to study the Word is contagious!” – Karen Langstraat, SRA

“I give God the glory for 16 women who gathered this morning for our monthly Prayer Connection. How wonderful to share together Lorraine’s challenging thoughts on prayer, and then join our hearts together to pray for the many needs: national, state, and personal. To come together in one accord before His throne is invigorating and encouraging!” – Cynthia Sheppard, SRA

Reflecting His glory in the future

“May we follow in the faithful footsteps of those who walked before us, leading others to continue to walk that path faithfully and fearlessly in the future.”  – Kris Driskill

Robyne Baker

Robyne Baker

Writer, Editor

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