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Season 1, Episode 14:

Evangelism Stereotypes: Hipster Hailey

Each generation of Christians projects ideals of what a Christian “should look like,” although it may have nothing to do with following Jesus. Currently, we’re in danger of making an idol of looking like a “hipster” or “cool” Christian. We’re tempted to use social media, fashion, and lifestyle to portray what it means to follow Jesus rather than being defined by the authentic love that flows from a relationship with him. If you’ve ever used the hashtag #blessed or worried about how people perceive you, join us for some honest conversation and self-reflection. Learn to focus on Jesus instead of your “Christian image.”

Revelation Wellness:

“Socality Barbie Hits Uncomfortably Close to Home” by Annalisa Merelli, September 9, 2015 | The Atlantic | Socality Barbie

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