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Sandy Stone, Chair for the Elizabethtown-Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania, Christian Women’s Club, recently honored Table Hosts, Callers, and Musicians at an appreciation luncheon with some cute papier-mâché pumpkin thank-you gifts.

Here’s her presentation explaining the significance of the gifts’ features:

The (papier-mâché) pumpkin starts out dull and unattractive. You add a coat of paint and then two more coats until the pumpkin becomes bright. It’s similar to us before we knew Christ. As we receive Him and study His Word, we become brighter in the world.

The dots are the people you contact with your phone calls, those you serve at your tables, and the music you play in ministry to others. The embellishments, sparkles on the stem, and the bow reflect our love for others. It is God’s love being manifested in our lives.

The heart is to say “thank you” for your faithful service to Stonecroft. Know you are appreciated. Yours is a work that does not have instant gratification. You may never know all that you have reached with a kind word, friendly smile, or beautiful music. The Lord knows and that is the important thing.

The tassel is a reminder that you belong to royalty: the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! How blessed you are. Again, thank you for all you do.

Extra Tip: Try using paint in fall designer colors of burgundy, deep purple, navy, mustard yellow, or forest green. The pumpkins can then be presented during November, the month for giving thanks.

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