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Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? For all too many of us, it gives a feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed.

This Christmas set your plans early so that you can relax and enjoy the wonder.

Try these four ideas for a less stress Christmas:

Limit gifts – give gifts in categories to make gift-giving easier to manage. Use categories like toy, book, clothing, ticket to event, perfume, etc.

Limit parties – this is sometimes difficult to accomplish, but look at the invitations and only choose ones that will fit you and your family, without over-committing.

Limit baking – all those great Pinterest recipes sound awesome and remind us of what everyone else is doing, make a list of each family member’s favorite Christmas treat and decide to make only those. It makes the family member feel special and you know it will get eaten.

Attend a Christmas service – remind yourself and your family that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Enjoy the wonder!

Nancy-Sprowls-2Nancy Sprowls
Outreach Specialist


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