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Cheyenne, Wyoming
August 17-19, 2016

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.”

– John 7:37, NLT

Women came from across the United States and gathered in the wilderness of Wyoming for one purpose, to ignite Christ-centered lives.

This 3-day event sharpened leadership skills by providing training in engaging women in conversation, developing and sharing personal testimony and learning to use templates to model simple outreach plans.

The leadership took attendees through several current studies and relevant Outreaches.

Pray and Play invites moms with young children to come together and embrace their sometimes chaotic days with toddlers. To learn to share the experiences with others and bring Christ into the center of it. This activity is a weekly or bi-weekly opportunity just to come as you are and bask in Gods love.

Rest illustrated the power of meaningful, relevant conversation studies available through Stonecroft.

Reality Cafe brings women of all ages together for a light, and sometimes humorous look at the drama of everyday living and pairs that with the need for the one who saves. A look at one woman’s courage to step out of the usual chatter and share what real life sounds like when changed by the light of Christ.

Pretty Hurts Is a look at women’s issues and illustrates the power of prayer, turning personal pains and tragedies into life-giving victories in Christ.

Our Tattoo Outreach embraces the acceptance and illustrates that every woman has a story. The significance of their personal path to acknowledging Christ.

We modeled prayer, praise, and humility as we shared life at the lodge, worshiped together, and experienced the tenderness of washing each other’s feet in an act of prayer.

Friendships deepen as woman experienced the authentic presence of God’s love through acceptance and growth.

37 women and 8 children participated. Our Military leadership team hosted and Beacon Hill Church of Cheyenne, WY. sponsored the conference. We are praying that this is the first of many events like this available across the USA.

Pauletta-StaleyPauletta Staley
Director of Stonecroft Military


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