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Featuring Cindy and Jim Simmons

Cindy Simmons can’t remember a time when Stonecroft wasn’t a part of her life. “My children weren’t born the first time I was asked to do a special feature [at a Stonecroft meeting],” she recalled. “When Jim was stationed in Germany … the Heidelberg Christian Women’s Club welcomed me, and the ladies in the nursery took such good care of my 6-week-old son. Before he was 2 years old, I was serving as Group Chair. Needless to say, our family ties to Stonecroft run long and deep,” she said.

Cindy and Jim traveled from place to place as he designed and built hospitals for the military. Every time they moved, Cindy served God though Stonecroft. Today, they live in south central Texas and Cindy is a Speaker and Stonecroft Regional Administrator, overseeing Groups throughout the region.

Cindy and Jim have hosted many Stonecroft Bible Studies and watched God work in hearts and lives. “It is just wonderful to see the moment when someone really meets Jesus,” said Cindy.

“Stonecroft is one of the few ministries that is training women to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it has been a joy to be a part of the ministry during the last 30 years. Through all the changes, their vision and mission has never changed,” said Cindy.
“Jim and I are honored to financially support Stonecroft,” said Cindy. “We feel very strongly about our contribution, and I encourage you to support their work, too.”

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