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Lexington – Nebraska: Denise considered herself a solid Christian with all the answers. But she says that she knew “something was missing.”

“Going to church was just an obligation. I wasn’t getting the message. I didn’t feel Christ there.”

Then her faith was tested severely.

“We lost a grandson when he was 16 days old. We had him with us for nine days at home in hospice,” says Denise. “We did all the right things. We had him baptized. But we all lost a lot of faith then.”

A few people from her church reached out with kindness, but most offered her no support.

The women of the Lexington CWC provided the love and encouragement Denise needed. They also gave her the opportunity to know Jesus Christ in a new and personal way.

Denise says, “I got the caring and the – everything – from Stonecroft. Those ladies were excited to see me there and they were very encouraging. I just felt instant friends and support. People would meet in the room and hug. It was awesome! You could just see the love of Christ there.”

Denise heard that eternal life in Jesus Christ is a gift we receive by placing our trust in Him.

“I was just so touched by the speakers and by the message. I wanted the peace that I could see in the people around me.”

If you ask Denise whether she made a decision for Christ or recommitted her life to Him, she would say “a little of both.”

“I’m closer to God. I’m at peace. It’s hard to describe but I feel different.

“I turn my problems over to God now. I had forgotten to do that for a while. I’m more prayerful now. I spend more time with the Lord.”

Denise’s family has observed a change in her life and it has led to change in their lives as well. Her daughter, who had a faith crisis after her baby died, is now back in church regularly. Denise’s husband is also more faithful about church attendance. Denise’s other children are not walking with God, but she hopes her example will lead them to Christ, too.

Through Stonecroft, Denise has begun the brand new adventure of personal Bible study.

“We have a small group and our Guide is very knowledgeable. All of the participants were new to Bible study and we grew together. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Bible study and I’m anxious to get started on the next one.

“I thought I knew [all about faith] but my belief was in doctrine. Now I know that belief comes from the heart. Though I still use the doctrine ‘because that was what I was taught,’ I fall back on my heart and the relationship that I have built with God.”

Denise believes that our world needs what Stonecroft women have to offer.

“People need each other. They need Christ but they also need the support of others in Christ.”


Adapted from “Something Was Missing,” posted on December 20, 2012.

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