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I love serving with Stonecroft because I serve alongside women of passion and purpose. You shine God's light and love into a dark and hurting world, and you invite other women to join you on the journey.

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Request from Crystal C. in WA
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I would like prayer that opportunities for growth of a new chapter of Stonecroft Ministries opens up in the Tri-Cities, Washington area. There are so many valued women and families who can be served by this amazing and unique ministry I would love to see it happen to bring ladies to the Lord...not to mention their generations and those they touch. Also I pray for the nearest branch of Stonecroft, the Sunnyside Washington Lower Yakima Valley group, as it seems almost little known and shrinking due to the age of the women who are available to come. The group is a wonderful place, however younger ladies can benefit from fellowshipping and learning the wisdom and truths of these dear mothers and grandmothers while the elder ladies can also re-energize and ignite new fires in themselves for Christ by seeing the radiance and energy among the younger women. I am a strong believer and I know that Stonecroft has helped me on my journey to knowing Christ better and more intimately by providing these monthly opportunities for fellowship and learning in ways that I can relate to and understand. I want other women to know this invaluable gift. I pray that this happens continually increasing for the Lower Valley group and beginning for the Tri-Cities. Thank you. Amen.

Request from Ora in WA
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I have had serious problems with the associate pastor in our church; also with an elder. I call it harassment. It's very wrong, and it's abusive. So my husband and I are leaving our beloved church home of nearly 32 years. Please pray that the truth comes to light and these two men do not harm more people. They ought to be revealed of their leadership positions in the church.


Request from Cathy S. in WA
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Pray for Joan Eckle area coordinator in Renton, Wa. She and I were planning on coming to the conference on Sept. 22-24, but she has had a seizure and it has left her not able to focus. She has mentored me and was going to take me with her to Stonecroft. Pray the Lord would fully restore her. I am afraid to make the trip without her. I have great anxiety being alone in the airport and getting to Stonecroft. Pray for complete healing for Joan, she also just had her knee replaced. She should be able to walk fine by September. Also I will have had surgery replacing my thumb joints. My prayer is that we both can make it to the conference together.May the Lord's will be done in this matter. Thank you for praying.


Request from Christine R. in WA
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I just learned that my friend from TX - her son, Eddy, who is 15 yrs old was diagnosed with Lynphoma and the tumor it has created is sitting on top of his heart. The location of the tumor is making it hard for him to breathe so he is on a respirator. The hospital will be starting kemo right away. Prayers please, for Eddy and his family.


Request from Karen in WA
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Please pray for Stonecroft Speaker Jo Franz in Vancouver WA who is suffering a bad MS attack.  Here is an update from her which she wanted passed on to Stonecroft.  Thanks.  Karen Cole, SPC  Vancouver WA

"My gait is still very slow and labored while I hang onto counters; and in addition I look like a bobble doll as I walk with what's called "ataxia". So, I only take a few steps from the power chair to the toilet. I'm super fatigued. We are still waiting on the Lord and not rushing to the steroid idea (although He has used those in the past to halt MS attacks). We laugh and praise God freely and are especially blessed today by snow! I appreciate the prayers so much."  Jo Franz


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