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Bible Options

The Aware Group sessions include:

Opening prayer

Bible study and conversations to help us grow:

  • Aware of God
  • Aware of Ourselves
  • Aware of Others

A practical focus of one aspect of AWARE

  • Available
  • Watchful
  • Attentive
  • Responding
  • Encouraging

Ambassador Training Exercises

Closing prayer


AWARE Articles

Why I Wrote AWARE Evangelism

What women are saying:

"My compliments on a super resource. I especially like the Praying Scripture section, the vignettes, and all the activities during the group sessions and in Deeply Aware."  Professor Deborah Mc Gill

"We believe our spiritual eyes were opened more to see those around us, look them in the eye, and smile at them, instead of passing them by. A couple of us fed the homeless, others spoke to family members more boldly, another gal started to disciple a friend.  Becoming Aware of others around us was exciting!"  Michele Ping, Cross Cultural Liaison, Stonecroft Speaker, and Aware Group pilot Leader 

"This study hit the nail on the head! I believe it is very relevant to the needs and lifestyles of today and follows a perfect order of first getting yourself in tune with God before the natural next step of spreading to others. I love the hands-on parts of the study. We need to put what we learn into practice."  Women's Ministry Leader Diana Spalding

"We realized a new way to evangelize. It doesn't have to be a step-by-step process or a formal program, but a more effective way—the way Jesus did it—through relationships and meeting needs!" Dorea Potter, Stonecroft Regional Administrator and Aware Group pilot Leader

"The women really liked the Ambassador Field Assignments and felt they were very helpful to them. This may have been the most life-changing portion of the study. Through the study, God taught us to be more Aware of Him, others, and ourselves. I personally saw the group grow closer with time, asking one another questions as they got to know each other, and praying for one another during the sessions as a situation or problem was made known." Lynne Kalley, District Consulting Coordinator and Aware Group pilot Leader

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